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by admin on November 27, 2008

Exactly 1 week to the day it was indexed, our new site is back firmly at Google #1 for *SEO Design Package* – also shown in the Google webmaster tools screenshot below, and is above our own “SEO Web Design” page, on a PR5 domain, (that currently ranks in the Top 30 for “SEO“) can see it here at #5 in this search.

Get in! :)

SEO packages


reinforcements arrive, this post now takes pole with the site page forming the 2nd dropout or “indented” listing giving us #1 & #2 and if the studies are correct, possibly as much as 80% click-through rates. You can think of this as superior SEO design in action.

..Update 10-Feb 2010

..this ranking has been rock-solid, hasn’t even looked like flinching #1 & #2 since this post. that time it has sold 9 of itself to strangers and 11 to referrals..

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