4 Month Tactical Sitrep

by admin on April 12, 2009

Sniper team reporting in.

Progress good. We’re deeply embedded behind enemy lines and are now outranking HQ’s 18 month old site with our 4 month old sniper as below.

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We’ve observed and engaged the enemy at multiple locations with strong success and primary objectives have been achieved on Yahoo & Windows Live

- see thumbnails for details.

Below is the secondary objective, all of the sites below us in the screenshot are strong, well dug-in and reinforced, respected SEO & web design sites and have been around several years, but are no match for modern sniper technology.

small business seo web design package

And ultimately this is where we’re going with this..

seo web design package

Yahoo leading the way as always, Google will follow on in due course.

Also note our SEO Malta sniper sister-site (launched same weekend) 3 places below in the same search there, despite entirely different site structure and content, except for the packages pages which have the same package specs.

The Sniper-fu is strong..

Over and Out.

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