Special Boat Sniper

by admin on April 4, 2010

Ibiza boat & yacht charter

Yachts Ibiza - Charter Motor Boats & Sailing Yachts

So here’s a Wordpress website rebuild project that makes the best use of our adopted name – The SBS, which usually stands for Special Boat Service, the ultimate Seaborne Special Forces Unit comprised of the best-of-the-best of the UK Royal Marines Commandos, who are actually special forces in their own right anyway.

The SBS’s Power & motor boat handling skills are legendary although they’re not known for their use of sailing yachts, (except perhaps while on R & R)

..Obviously in our case though the “SBS” stands for “Small Business SEO” but if you’re on the opposing team the effect will be much the same, the sniper will sneak up to your SERP perimeter undetected, and then in a flash will take out your sentries and smash into and secure your previous position ;)

It’s also not finished -pictures etc (as usual the SBS have to go into action without proper prep and just get on with it) but the DNS switched across this morning, the SERP assault starts now, commence radio silence until the positions are secured..

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