Cisco CCIE Snipers Deployed

by admin on April 12, 2012

Its all gone a bit Cisco round here, if you know what I mean.

Cisco support

Cisco support consultant

The first one was a sniper rebuild over a previous WP installation and minor tuning of the ccie blog below.

And this next one is an in-house project bristling with 2012 SBS sniper v3.0 technology.

ccie training company

ccie training company

Lets just say the CCIE+Training searches are now under siege and there will be more  reinforcement (snipers) making their way towards the action.

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Snipers Deploy in Switzerland

by admin on March 31, 2011

So the SBS Sniper team have recently been on “mountain-based training” in Switzerland (involving slippery plastic boards and snow) and, as is generally the case on foreign ops, have identified some wide open gaps in various SERP defences  which need to be leveraged.

Hence  -  SEO Switzerland – providing specialist multilingual SEO consulting through a Swiss-born national, focused exclusively on the challenges facing Swiss website owners and their multilingual multi-regional SEO needs.

SEO Switzerland

Secondly a cute little site belonging to a fabulous massage therapist (take our word for this) who is also a  seriously badass snow boarder,  replacing an SEO-hopeless .ch site, offering Massage in Interlaken

"Good hands" massage in Interlaken

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Ibiza Web Design & SEO Services

November 28, 2010

Welcome to SEO Ibiza’s small business seo web design package demo website.
This website package was originally conceived a couple of years ago by customer request, especially for Ibiza-based small businesses without a website presence yet, as the fastest way to market their services on the internet bar none.
Although the concept has been very popular on [...]

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Janitorial Sniper

June 2, 2010

..No it’s not everyone’s favourite mild-mannered janitor up to his usual tricks again..
But we have been up to our usual tricks again, this time in Ft Worth, Texas.
It’s a sniper rebuild over a previous website that wasn’t up to the job, and we’re pretty confident this one is..
So Introducing
Building Janitorial Service
We would like to [...]

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Ibiza Business Websites

May 5, 2010

More Ibiza based small-business websites..
First up, Deliciously Sorted’s Flash SEO project v2.0

everything you might need in Ibiza – sorted

Deliciously Sorted can supply anything you want on the island, from villas to yachts, restaurant bookings to wedding planning, any Ibiza event is better when you’re Sorted.

And a brand new small business Ibiza beautician site offering manicure [...]

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Special Boat Sniper

April 4, 2010

So here’s a Wordpress website rebuild project that makes the best use of our adopted name – The SBS, which usually stands for Special Boat Service, the ultimate Seaborne Special Forces Unit comprised of the best-of-the-best of the UK Royal Marines Commandos, who are actually special forces in their own right anyway.
The SBS’s Power & [...]

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A Pink Sniper?

February 22, 2010

Ok this one’s in our gallery already but is officially launching today and (maybe not so ) coincidentally hit Google first page for it’s main target phrase today, “Ibiza weddings” and is currently #11 for the singular.

This is likely to be unique in that we expect the sniper team won’t be making too [...]

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Wordpress SEO Themes

February 8, 2010

So it’s February already and if you’ve been here before you’ve probably noticed we’ve had a slight re-design and a new. and some might say superior, Wordpress theme.
As it says in the panel we’re “now rocking the awesome <<–Thesis 1.6“ 
Now while it is true that we can and do build our SBS [...]

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Superior SEO Sniper Live

August 20, 2009

Here’s our latest little toy at 3 days in from indexing on Google’s new Caffeine beta..

You can see it here – it might look strangely familiar

We knocked it up in a few hours one Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, using actual superior seo techniques.

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4 Month Tactical Sitrep

April 12, 2009

Sniper team reporting in.
Progress good. We’re deeply embedded behind enemy lines and are now outranking HQ’s 18 month old site with our 4 month old sniper as below.

We’ve observed and engaged the enemy at multiple locations with strong success and primary objectives have been achieved on Yahoo & Windows Live
- see thumbnails for details.

Below [...]

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