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Note. This product has unfortunately been discontinued, however if you’re looking for Wordpress “Sniper” themes or know how you’re in the right place.

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Here’s our old review of WP SEO Sniper Professional

We don’t run this awesome plug-in on our main blog because as pro SEO consultants it’s our job to play with and understand all the good wordpress SEO plug-ins out there,  and not just rely on one to do everything for us.

However having played with it extensively on various Wordpress setups, we can categorically state that if you are not pro SEO consultants and maybe don’t have time nor inclination to learn, then this is the plugin for you.

It’s as close to perfection as the ultimate Wordpress SEO plugin as you’ll find.

In our opinion WP SEO Sniper Professional’s main strength is that it’s either as simple and easy to use as you like, or as mind-bogglingly advanced as you want to go.

It’s like having all the other SEO plugins operating together seamlessly.

It comes with 3 preconfigured profiles to fit current comfort zone, namely Mild, Moderate, or Aggressive. Each profile switches certain options on or off.

Main Features

  • Advanced Wordpress SEO, Onpage & meta optimization
  • Advanced Wordpress Pagerank sculpting and silo-ing
  • Advanced redirection facilities
  • Advanced control of internal anchor text
  • Advanced SEO footer link generation and control


  • Laser targeted accuracy directing your PageRank to the most important content;
  • Precision control of the text that search engine listings show, to entice more clicks;
  • Control the anchor text of your internal links to improve link relevancy;
  • A license to install the plugin on all the WordPress blogs that you own; and
  • Free upgrades for life.

plus, and quoting from the site now…

Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee”

“You can try out WP SEO Sniper Professional and use it for a full 30 days, completely risk free.

If, for whatever reason, you’re not completely satisfied with this plugin, just ask for a no-hassle refund within 30 days of purchase.

No explanation is necessary, I’ll be happy to refund your purchase…”

Its seriously good, check it out.

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